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Friday, May 13, 2011

Since I don't have any more photos ready

I am trying to take full advantage of where I am which means I am sleeping little, a new thing, and not having much, nowhere near enough, time to work on organizing and editing photos. I am planning on continuing to add photos to the blog after the trip is over as I finish organizing and editing them. 

Day 16 5/10

Today I took a nice long hike that involved around 9 Kilometers(5.6 miles), I have re-remembered that I want to do everything in metric, one way and well over 735 meters(2400 feet) of elevation gain. I was a great hike with wonderful scenery that included a wide range of terrain as the elevation changed. One thing I found cool was the ground was totally covered for a very wide elevation by this shrubby plant that never got taller then about a meter(1foot), almost slipped there, had neat leaves and woody stems. The hike was supposed to be to this big water fall but although it was big and impressive you never had a close up view of the main section and I did not spend much time peering over the edge into the obis that the fall was hiding in. I instead decided to hike higher looking for a view of the high sierras. Instead I got a good view of the valley I had climbed out of and got to see a sign that told me I could walk to glacial point in 16.1 miles, it didn't give it in kilometers but it is about 26Km, and the valley is just a few more miles beyond that. I enjoyed the hike and all the wildlife I got to se along the way but was glad to get back to camp eat lunch and rest. I have noticed that as all the grand vistas get repetitive I am making more photographs of small details like leaves, plants, flowers, birds, wildlife… 

Day 17 5/11

Today I hiked through the grove of sequoias here. It was nice especially when I got away from the crowds and into the upper grove where there were more big trees. It was perfect hiking weather nice and cool with a light breeze. I hiked past the grove a little ways to a overlook that showed me the valley from a different angle as the day before and oriented me as to where the grove was in relation to everything els. I also noticed that I was at similar altitude as my hike had taken me the day before, 2076m(6810 feet), but had done most of the up in the car. After the hike I went and spent just under an hour in the library before it closed using the nice bathroom and charging my computer. I then went on another hike around the meadow that I had hiked some of two days earlier. Finally I went and listened to a pianist at the hotel before returning to camp to eat lunch, which was really a late dinner(7:30ish). Now it's too bed after some photo work. Hopefully I will sleep better tonight than last night cuss tomorrow I go to the valley, VERY EXCITING! 

Day 18 5/12

What a day it has been. I got up, packed up and drove to Yosemite valley. Let me tell you it was impressive when I drove through this really long tunnel and then wabam a very impressive view. I had no problem getting a campsite and it only cost me $25 for 5 days!. I am seriously wondering how I am going to fit everything that I want to do in the few days I have. For example today after setting up camp I visited the visiter center, museum, art gallery, watched a film about yosemite. Then the real fun started, I took the shuttle then hiked up and down one the the rivers to Mirror lake. it is actually a slightly wider section of river, not much wider ether, but offers some nice reflections. I hiked a long ways much farther than was necessary to get to the pool. I ended up spending over 4 hours hiking and then hanging around the pool waiting to see what the sunset would bring. I ran across many very tame deer and near sunset I saw and PHOTOGRAPHED the moon rising over the cliff bathed in golden light. I then ate dinner planed out tomorrow, it included me getting up for a sunrise walk which I hope I am able to do. Finally I started working on my vision of a doom, cliff, or something siloeted against stars by photographing Yosemite falls under moonlight with a starry sky above. I think I will have to wait till the moon sets to get the silowet(how do you spell that). 

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To purchase prints of my work please visit my site linked above,, or email me at All proceeds go directly to this photography trip to Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks.